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Devil's work / Teufelszeug / Diablerie
A film by Katrin Mehlhop

Erick, Boubacar and Moussa, three young West-African artists live in Dakar, the capital of Senegal. They live in a world full of contradictions and uncertainty - in a state which exists only a few decades, in search of its own identity.
In this situation they believe that the revival of old traditions is the right way.

The film observes the three artists in their most intimate environment.

Erick is just preparing a performance. His body-painting revitalizes old african traditions, but also provokes the contemporary islamic society.

Boubacar lives in an apparently intact environment. Surrounded by innumerable members of his family he tells of their ideals and rules, rites and uses.

Moussa allows us to participate in a feast in honour of the village spirit of his tribe. He finds his own truth in ceremonial offerings, conjurations and ritualistic dances.

These animistic traditions are viewed in the isalm dominated Senegal of today as "Devil's Work". The art which is inspired from such traditions is therefore also "Devil's Work".

Devil's Work:

length: 56 Minutes
Written and directed by

Katrin Mehlhop


All national and international rights available German language version- French language version - English subtitled version
Producer and Distributor:

ergo Film + TV - Wielandstr. 16
D- 10629 Berlin - Germany
Tel.: +49.30.324 47 89