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The Indian Wheel
A Film by Michael Plümpe

A heap of rags, a dirty sack, people lie on the streets,
as if they were dead, rubbish and waste.
It smells like excrement and urine.
Above all the street-children wish for a good character.
Dead bodies float on the holy river and the ravens eat their flesh.

A peasent herds his cattle on a pavement in the center of Bombay.
"I just sit here doing nothing", he reports happily, "and the milk just keeps on coming".

A journey of discovery of the somewhat different kind into a foreign society and culture, into a reality, which works in a completely different way: God's machine - "The Indian Wheel" More Info

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The Indian Wheel

length: 60 Minutes
Written and directed by
Michael Pluempe

All national and international rights available German + English version available
Producer and Distributor:

ergo Film + TV - Wielandstr. 16
D- 10629 Berlin - Germany
Tel.: +49.30.324 47 89