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Tirunelveli Junction
A Film by Katrin Mehlhop

They arrive at the busstation in Tirunelveli, Southern India - children who have run away from home. Such as Raj, Seyed Ali and Madasami, who manage to survive with odd jobs as peanut sellers between the busses or glass-washers at the many tea-stands.

"It is okay the way it is now", says Seyed Ali. "If I was to go home to my parents they would beat me."

Their new home are the streets. In the midst of traffic they sleep on the pavements and dream of one day themselves being the owner of a tea shop.

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Tirunelveli Junction :

length: 30 Minutes
Written and directed by
Katrin Mehlhop


All national and international rights available German + English version available
Producer and Distributor:

ergo Film + TV - Wielandstr. 16 D- 10629 Berlin - Germany
Tel.: +49.30.324 47 89