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Which Time I'm Dead
A Film by Michael Plümpe

Sonu, a ten year old boy, lives in the Indian city Varanasi on the Ganges.
"My country is holy place" says Sonu and the city is seeped in this knowledge of its holiness: a place of faith, but also of death.

Sonu's father works on the "Burning Ghats". Here, on the banks of the Ganges the dead are burnt day in, day out - in public and without any great ceremony - an everyday business.

Sonu explains the modest rite and describes soberly the practical treatment of the dead - also of those dead, who aren't burnt, but thrown into the river, food for fish or ravens.

However irritating this apparently irreverent treatment of the corpses for european perceptions may seem - for a Hindu it is the solemn consequence of his belief.

This completely different view on death - and upon life is presented without commentary, described only with the words of a child.

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Which Time I'm Dead:

length: 13 Minutes
Written and directed by

Michael Pluempe


All national and international rights available German + English version available
Producer and Distributor:

ergo Film + TV - Wielandstr. 16 D- 10629 Berlin - Germany
Tel.: +49.30.324 47 89