The Indian Wheel

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The Indian Wheel , chapter 3

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The Indian Wheel
Script excerpt for chapter 3

Every day I see the cows as they meander through the streets. They live from waste – the kind of waste even a Shudra wouldn't touch – and in the evenings they return to their owners. Then they can be milked.

This is like magic - the transformation of rubbish into milk.
Precious milk. Because the milk of a single cow is worth so much that one person can live from it.

These cows belong to Ghopal. They don't have  to eat rubbish. Right in the centre of Bombay, they can enjoy the best food. Ghopal ties his cows to the Shiva Temple every day. And after that, he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

Interview Ghopal
GHOPAL: Why the cows are here - because Hindu Temple is here
The cows are here because Hindu people worship – they worship –
All the customers are coming and they are feeding the grass
We do Nothing Nothing  only  the milk is coming and we are selling the milk, that is it 
Customers are feeding grass and everything - we do nothing nothing - they worship
INTERVIEWER: Are you happy with your cows ?
GHOPAL: That is my business. I’m filling my stomach only from these cows - yes, I’m a lot happy.

Yes, Ghopal can count himself happy. What would he be without his cows. They are what stands between fortune and misfortune.
A full stomach, wealth and happiness, law and order – that's civilisation. When Vitra was killed, when the cows came into the world, the age of freedom ended.
A world ended where the mountains could do what they wanted. With the cows order came into the world –owners and non-owners, rich and poor , high and low, – civilisation.

This is the new world, the world after Vritra. Everything here is interwoven. If someone turns or is turned - It doesn't matter. In the end, it's the wheel that decides

The wheel is turning and I am flown. A simple truth.
Everyone knows it. The blind singer at the bus-terminus of Tirunelveli knows it. All his songs are about it `s most poignantly described in the ballad of the hero Ajuna.

Once upon a time Arjuna was a great king and a mighty warrior. He had led his army to victory many times and was thought to be invincible. But then Arjuna put his men so close to the enemy that only a thin strip of land was left between them. For the first time he could look his enemies straight in the eyes. And he realised they were his brothers and cousins.
 Suddenly, he saw there was no reason why they should kill each other. And he couldn’t bring himself to give the signal for attack.

And the Gods saw his doubt was paralysing him and they pitied him, because he who doubts cannot act, and he who hesitates cannot conquer. So the God Krishna drove his mighty chariot along the small strip between the enemy lines and spoke to Arjuna.
He talked of fulfilment of duty and the responsibility carried by a member of the warrior caste. Your duty, he said, is not to ask why, but to fight a battle. That alone is your duty, nothing else.

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