The Indian Wheel

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The Indian Wheel , chapter 6

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The Indian Wheel
Script excerpt for chapter 6

Everyone must play the role they are ascribed. And the role of the Gods is to make sure everything works properly. That's the reason they've created branch offices all over the country – these are places to come for applications and supplications, reports and reclamations, audiences and advice, of every sort.

This is where the lines of power come together – where decisions are taken on who is like the grit in the cogs and who plays his role right. And decisions are taken on rewards and punishment.

Politicians, businessmen, handworkers or peasants – they all come here. They come to submit their plans and share their worries, to petition the Gods for their help in finding wealth and happiness - and expect to receive their full attention. Of course, in all humility.

The Gods employees and civil-servants look after everything, burning incense at the Gods’ favourite resting places and making sure there are pleasant smells spreading through the entrance hall. They are there to accept the offerings and written pleas, and process them further. After all, what they are given is given to the Gods and what they give back comes from the Gods. In the Gods name they look after the needs of their guests – a hospitality provided on behalf of the owner.

Visitors are given rose-water and blossoms, sugar cubes and coconuts.
Anyone with particular needs or a special request for the one on high can gain special notice by giving special gifts. A particular perfume, an ill-daughter's ribbon, or lovely big lotus-blossoms, or anything that shines and glitters.

The priests have more than enough to do and need to be efficiently organised to make sure everything runs smoothly. A coconut offering is mandatory. They are collected and are taken past the Gods through a side entrance into a hut beside the temple.
Here, in rapid succession, they are all opened.
The halved fruits are then brought back into the temple - as gifts from the Gods. In the same way that the devout visitors proffered their richly decorated offerings to the Gods, so the priests now present a nicely decorated gift to the believer, a gift given at the behest of the Gods, a gift of coconuts and flowers.

The wheel of gifts has turned.

There are so many people that want to be heard. One could easily fear the appeals may be overlooked. An additional insurance couldn't hurt - and the supply on offer is enormous. There are innumerable middlemen settled around the temple, agencies and specialists.

Though they are not serving the Gods directly, they have secret and special ways to contact them, to ensure that the mood above is receptive to the visitor's prayer.
There are so many ways to please the Gods.

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