The Indian Wheel

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The Indian Wheel , chapter 9

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The Indian Wheel
Script excerpt for chapter 9

The chant of the bearers in the alleys of Veranasi is always the same: „now all deceit is over“ they sing.
Nothing is left.
But for a life to end here in this holy land already so near to the Gods - that could influence the decision, offer a last proof that one really is worthy - worthy enough never to have to return to this world of deceit again.

Inteview with Sonu
SONU: Actually my country is holy place. People also dead into another countrey, so he’s taking ashes, aome to in here to put into river.

Actually  people he like to ... He want to ...  here bodies come into holy place My country is holy place.  People also dead into another  country, so he is taking ashes  come to in here he put into river.

Actually people here is also come  from Bihar, other people will come  from other country  pray into Ganga pray into God.

Why this body burns ? If you do fire so that soul to go is  strict to Nirwana you know.  This time is really dead. So this  soul is going strict to Nirwana.

Wood is for take it threehundredsixty kilos wood for one body burn take each. There is one kilo hundredfifty rupee kilo in wood, but my family buy wood from M.P. - Madhya Pradesh.

One body burning total cost may be I think fivethousend Rupees for all

I do – I know – I ‘ve seen my life so many  body cremated
My father is working in the burning Ghatt you know.

First body bring into near Ganga  My father just you said which  time body bringing here you know.

Maybe is father death. So his  younger sun is shaving all hair,  all hair he is  shaving for give to fire.
He wash into holy water.
After before family he open dead person mouth.  He take holy water,  he give  the five time of water.
After my father he give little gras.  So his younger sun  he do five rounds into body. 
He put inside wood  fire so he start for burn.

At which time body starts burning he have something powdering like a sandal-powder or  ghee, like something. So body  is smelling good  you know, like a perfume.

Which time body take it burning take it three hours time for finish.

Take it three hours time for finish.  But that three hours time  two part body don’t burn. Actually  that two part  body is very strong you know.

Maybe is this man body. Man’s chest.  If a woman body woman hip.

Man’s chest is strong.  Woman hip is also strong. That two piece don’t burn.  So he put into river.
The river is some fish eating  total human body-meat, you know.

After burning  family collects the ashes to put into river

Which time body is finished some family  is going to a separate Ghatt , he bath into that Ghatt after that he go back home.

But some people  also you don’t burn.  That is my country five kind a  special body  don’t cremated. Is holy man,  is small child, is snake bite,  pregnant woman, leprabite.  That body is already pure for God.

Child, if  he you do some  bad karma, you don’t know. Holy man is my God. Holy  pregnant woman inside baby  is also pure. A snake-bite my  Shiva-God ring. A small pocks is  my God Shetla , mother.  That five body don’t cremated. That he take big a  stone all tight to body’s string,  take one  seperate boat, put into river. 

Then is some inside big fish  eating meat in human body.

Actually now I am dead  so I am go river, you know.  So which time I am dead like a  twenty years old or  fifteen years old, so  I am burns. Maybe I go river  but I don’t know which time I am  dead what I am do it. My family  what he do for me, put into river or  he do make me fire. I don’t know.

Fire or river - Sonu doesn’t particularly mind.

But what is death anyway.
" Ram ram sabte heh!“:  Death is only the end of deceit!

Wealth and happiness, misery and success: „Ram ram sabte heh!“

The wheel is turning.
Only a madman could think there's anything else.

The End